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Shared Cage Kennel 2 Cats

We provide a shared cage kennel 2 cats. Cats will love boarding at Breakfast at Sniffany’s Dog & Cat Kennel! With bi-level living and private window boxes what else could a cat ask for? With a door that separates the cats from the dogs you don’t have to worry about your furry friend mixing with the wrong crowd. Bedding, food bowls, litter and toys (treats too!) are provided. We can provide your cat with food for a fee, but we prefer if you bring your cat’s regular food to avoid upset tummies.

We also provide an outdoor play area on nice days for cats. The enclosed play structure lets your cat enjoy the outdoors but also keeps them safe.

Feel free to bring whatever you think your cat needs to be comfortable but please ensure that all items are washable/bleachable.

PLEASE NOTE: We have one cat kennel that can accommodate one, two or three of your cats.  If you need a kennel for more than one animal, be sure to go to our listing for multiples to reserve. We will make sure the bigger cage stays unoccupied for your pets.

Prepay and Save $

Breakfast at Sniffany’s aims to provide a convenient, safe and quality service to our busy clients. As the only boarding kennel, in the area, offering online registration and payment, our kennel saves you time and you can conveniently book day or night. Visit our pre-boarding requirements section to save time on paperwork before you come!

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