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Boarding Kennels and Runs

We have two oversize (double-wide) kennels and runs for your dogs. Therefore we can house 2 large-breed dogs or 3-4 medium-/small breed dogs at one time. If you need a larger kennel for more than one animal be sure tell us in the comments section when you reserve. We will make sure the bigger runs stay unoccupied for your pets.

If your dogs have issues eating in the same area, please do not book them together in one kennel. Especially if they are aggressive towards each other at meal time.

Dogs will enjoy a safe and clean place to stay with access to indoor and outdoor play areas.  They will rest comfortably in warm kennels in the winter and cool in the summer.  Bedding, food bowls and toys are provided (treats too!).  We can provide your dog with food if you wish for an extra fee, but it is preferable to have you bring their regular food to avoid upset tummies and potty accidents indoors.

Feel free to bring whatever you think your dog needs to be comfortable but please ensure that all items are washable/bleachable.

Supervised Play

Our five-acre combination forest/park-like property has all the room your pet will need to relax and have fun.  Pets will enjoy the heated/air conditioned boarding space with brand new fencing which includes space indoors, individual covered outdoor space as well as individual runs outside. Additionally, there are two fenced-acres in the rear of the property where dogs can enjoy supervised play.

Prepay and Save $

Breakfast at Sniffany’s aims to provide a convenient, safe and quality service to our busy clients. As the only boarding kennel, in the area, offering online registration and payment, our kennel saves you time and you can conveniently book day or night. Visit our pre-boarding requirements section to save time on paperwork before you come!

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