Pre-Boarding Requirements

Look at our pre-boarding requirements before you make a reservation online. This is to ensure that you have all of your pet’s information available for us so that we can guarantee a comfortable, safe stay.

Forms – Pre-Boarding Requirements

1) Policy and Liability Waiver (downloadable form) The policy and liability waiver can be read and signed when you bring your pet(s) OR you can scan/email or photo/email the form to us at

2) Pet Registration Form (downloadable form) Please fill out the registration form(s). You will only need to fill out the form(s) on your pet’s first visit. You can bring them when you drop off your pet or you can scan/email or photo/email the form(s) to us at

3) Vaccination Records Please ensure you have current vaccinations for your pets. Proof of required vaccinations must be provided before you arrive at the kennel. You can scan/email or photo/email your pet’s vaccination records to us at We will keep your pet’s information on file and repeat visitors will only need to ensure their records are up-to-date.

The vaccinations required for dogs:

  • Rabies
  • DHAPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza).
  • Bordatella vaccination is recommended 
  • It is highly recommended that your dog is on a flea/tick prevention program from April 1 – November 30

The vaccinations required for cats:

  • Rabies
  • Feline distemper


Bullies – Pre-Boarding Requirements

Some dogs just aren’t cut out to play nice and be a “good boy” and that’s ok. Breakfast at Sniffany’s staff are trained to handle all types of animals. If your dog does not play well with others, please let us know and we’ll make sure that s/he is kept away from other dogs to prevent harm to them or your dog. Your dog will still have fun and our kennels have separation so your dog can relax and stay safe. Breakfast at Sniffany’s will not board dogs that are aggressive towards humans. If your dog cannot be placed on a leash and led to and from a kennel without growling, snapping or biting, s/he cannot be accepted for boarding.  We understand behaviours can change in a new environment. If s/he becomes aggressive after you’ve left, they will be segregated and put on the ‘no-touch’ program. Don’t worry though, s/he will still get all the care they need, they just won’t be allowed to roam and play with the others.

Not Accepted – Pre-Boarding Requirements

Breakfast at Sniffany’s unfortunately cannot accept pets that:

  • do not have proof of vaccination
  • have a contagious disease or condition
  • diabetic
  • senior and are unable to stand/sit/lay down with ease (require hospice care)
  • aggressive towards humans; particularly children

If your pet is in distress, is extremely aggressive, destructive or harming themselves, or has a medical condition you or your emergency contact will be contacted to pick up your pet.

Age/Sex – Pre-Boarding Requirements

AGE Breakfast at Sniffany’s will accept puppies and kittens twelve weeks and older. They must have their second set of shots. SEX CatsAll male and female cats must be spayed or neutered. DogsBreakfast at Sniffany’s will not accept females that are pregnant or actively in heat. Unaltered males will be accepted but will not be allowed to socialize with other animals at the kennel, and will be placed on the ‘no-touch’ program if they become overly aggressive/assertive with the staff. We highly recommend that you have your pet spayed or neutered.

Do You Have Any Questions?

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Hours of Operation

Check-in/out times Sun:  8AM – 7PM  Mon – Thu:  430PM – 8PM  Fri: 8AM – 8PM  Sat:  8AM – 7PM * see hours page for details

24-Hour Care

Breakfast at Sniffany’s is a 24-hour facility. Your pets are monitored and cared for at all times of the day and night.

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